Rental Conditions

You must meet the fallowing conditions when you rent a car in Cuba.
Please read carefully:

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We accept:
  • Car rentals will not be made for less than 3 days.
  • The minimum age of a driver is 21 years.
  • The gas that you leave in the deposit won't be refunded by the renting company.
  • Insurance is mandatory.
  • A driving license and a passport must be shown when signing the rental contract.
  • The contract covers only one driver. Each additional driver must be included in the contract at a cost of CUC 3 per day/per driver.
  • You have the possibility to pick up the car either at an airport office, which are open for 24 hours or at a town office, which are open from 09.00h a.m. to 05.00h p.m.
  • If the car is left in a different province from the one in which it was rented, you must pay for the return of the car to its province of origin.
  • Cubacar/Transtur confirms only car categories, and not models. Cubacar will try to satisfy your model requests, but the confirmation you receive stands only for the car class.
  • You can pay the rent in cash, certified check, money order, credit cards or by bank transfer.
  • When you rent the car you must make a warranty deposit payable locally in Cuba. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period. The warranty deposit prices vary between CUC 150 und CUC 500. The payment for the warranty deposit and the insurance can be made by credit card no issued by any American banks. Credit cards Visa & MasterCard are accepted locally in Cuba. You have to pay for the warranty deposit and the insurance at point of rental in Cuba.

Cancellation penalties are:

Change of pick up/drop off office or change of rental time: CAD 25 - up to 14 days before renting the car 10% of the fare - 13 up to 7 days before renting the car 15% of the fare - 6 days or less before renting the car: Two days rental penalty. - anytime at least CAD 25.00

Cancellations or changes of reservation have to be reported to us in a written way (e-mail, fax, by post). Failing to cancel a reservation or report a change causes 100% cancellation penalty. All rates are subject to change.

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